YouGenomics Privacy Policy

(Effective January 26, 2017)

This privacy policy governs your participation in the YouGenomics India project ("Project"). The Project is aimed at generating a reference genotype panel representing the diverse ancestral populations of South Asia.

YouGenomics ("we" or "us" or "our") values the privacy of the Project participants. This Privacy Policy describes our information practices, how we collect and use the Personal Information that we gather for the Project.

By agreeing to participate in the Project the participant ("you", "your") are consenting to our use of your information as set forth in this privacy policy, now and as may be amended by us.

What information will be collected

YouGenomics has partnered with Gencove ("Gencove"), a company founded by world leading scientists in the field of human genetics to collect and process your saliva ("sample"). The processing involves extracting DNA from your sample followed by ultra-low coverage whole genome sequencing. You will be asked to provide personal information to us and Gencove while registering as participant.

  1. We will collect the following information from you: full name, email address, your native language and your geographical State, Division or Province.
  2. Gencove will collect similar information from you when you order your free saliva collection kit as set forth in their privacy policy.
  3. Gencove will process your sample and share the resulting data with YouGenomics.

how will your information be used

After receiving data for all Project participants from Gencove, we will perform an aggregate analysis using statistical genetics algorithms and derive a reference genotype panel representative of different language groups of South Asia. Other than the information collected by us (your name, email address, native language and geographical State in India) and the sequencing data received from Gencove we will not use any other information you submitted to Gencove.

Gencove will use your information adhering to their privacy policy and consent.

Control and sharing your DATA

You own your data. YouGenomics and Gencove will not share or sell your individual level data with any third-party without your prior consent and knowledge. We will use aggregate level data (across all project participants) for our own research purpose and future use for other projects. This aggregate level data is stripped of all personally identifiable information (your name and contact information) and includes data from other participants such that is it not reasonably possible to resolve identity of you as an individual.

what information will you receive

You will receive your ancestry and microbiome data directly from Gencove via their smartphone app. The results that you receive will be based on the current state of knowledge regarding the genetics of South Asian population.

YouGenomics will update you with refined ancestry and microbiome results based on the results of this project.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.